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Dr. Lebson,
I wanted to take a moment to give you extra thanks for all you have done for me. I have been to a number of Chiropractors over the years, some better than others, but overall I have been pleased. Dr. Lebson you have taken this satisfaction to a whole new level.
About two years ago, I came in for an adjustment as I was feeling some pain in my back. As it turns out, I had severe heart burn for several days prior to coming in and had been basically living on Tums. I did not mention this at my visit. Amazingly, Dr. Lebson asked me how I was laying there and not complaining about my heartburn! I could not even believe he knew about it from examining my back. This visit really blew me away!!!
Last summer Dr. Lebson told me now that I am a “true believer” of his magic; "I should throw away my allergy pills and just come in for regular adjustments."
I was very hesitant to do so even after the whole heartburn thing…boy was that a mistake. I have been on Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, etc. for more than six years, 365 days a year. I can now proudly say I am completely off any allergy medication for four months! Yes, every now and then I get a little allergy attack, like if I am cleaning out the garage…but not nearly as bad as when I used to suffer each and every day even when on the medication.
So, in conclusion, thank you Dr. Lebson for all you have done for me. Please share this letter with all of your other patients, or soon to be patients, as everyone should be able to benefit like I have from your excellent care.
Kind regards,
Dean Holzer
Syosset, NY

Sherri states:

"On Mother's Day 2007, My 6 year old son, Jacob, could barely open his eyes. He was suffering from severe seasonal allergies for the third straight year. my pediatrician and allergist were now persuading me to start him on weekly allergy shots. However, more drugs was not what I wanted for my by. That is when I met Dr. Todd Lebson. He explained the benefits and how it can help my son. I did'ny even know children could get adjusted. He explained to me that adjustments for children were safe and gentle. Immediatley after I brought jacob to Dt. Todd, I saw an improvement in Jacobs' allergy symptoms. After two weeks of regular adjustments, I started to wean him off his daily medication and let the adjustments do their job. Now two months later, Jacob is off all of his medication, and enjoying the days of summer as a 6 year old boy should! Thank you, Dr. Todd

Sherri Weber
Plainview, NY

Nicolas (10 year old bedwetter who would also wet in school and on playground and ballfields):

Dr. Lebson helped me majorly with the problem I had. I am very happy I went to Dr. Lebson, now I can do more things. Thank you Dr. Lebson, you are great!


Barbara, Plainview, NY:

I suffered from disc herniations, and disc disease at L2-L3, L3-L4 and L5-S1. My neurologist said that the disc appeared to contact the exiting right L4 nerve root, and this was causing my pain. I also had a loss of disc space. She prescribed percacets and recommended a course of treatment with Dr. Lebson. Before beginning care at Dr. Lebsons' office I could barely walk or even shop for food. I would have to stop walking and let my legs thaw out before I started walking again, which was minimal. I never wanted to go anywhere! I was so angry and depressed. I was also developing a dependence for the pain killers that offered me the only relief I could find.

Almost immediately after seeing Dr. Lebson just a few times, the pain in my legs is all but gone. I would say 98% better! I no longer take or need pain medication. I no longer have pain in my thighs.

My life has changed dramatically for the better. I am never home on the couch anymore feeling sorry for myself. Feeling sorry that I can't spend quality time with my beloved grandchildren. I am now actively involved with all of my grandchildren and all of their activities. I am able to walk my 1 year old grandchild Sean around the block without pain. I feel like I was given a new pair of legs. I am so thankful for Dr. Lebson and his team. I could'nt have done this without him. Thank You Dr. Todd!

Barbara Doherty
Plainview, NY

Francine, Rockville Center:

I came to Dr. Lebson's office quite of chiropractic. Having been convinced to fear chiropractors as a child, it tool some time for me to even contemplate the idea of being adjusted, let alone actually experiencing it. Thanks to Dr. Lebson's knowledge and caring manner, he helped me move past my preconceived notions and move on to better health.

It was chronic low back pain that brought me to Dr. Lebson. I have lived with low back pain for about 12 years. As many others do, I sought out care from an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed pain killers and excercises to ease my discomfort. I was told that if things don't improve, surgery would be the only option for relief. It is sad to say, but at just 32 years of age, I just learned to live with the pain. My orthopedist heard of a chiropractor in Plainview, NY who was getting amazing results with lower back surgical candidates. He stated that "I was going to need surgery anyway, give him a try". On my first visit. I was shocked to hear that so many of the other symptoms of ill health i was experiencing on a daily basis could be caused by pressure on nerves. Orthopedists call this a "Pinched Nerve" because it causes pain. Chiropractors call it "Subluxation" because it causes malfunction and decreased health. I was experiencing not only low back pain, but Restless Leg Syndrome, digestive problems, headaches, aches and pains all over and infertility!

Four months after beginning treatment with Dr. Lebson, I can honestly say that my low back pain has improved dramatically. Just four months ago I couldn't roll over in bed without gasping for breath and in extreme pain. Dr. Lebson was barely able to touch my back without hearing me wince in pain. I was ultrsenstive to the mere gentle touch of his hands on my back. It is amazing to me that those days are behind me. I can actually roll over in bed WITHOUT PAIN! m RLS comes and goes, barley to speak of. I have had major improvements with my headaches and digestive problems. I do believe that my overall health has improved since placing myself in Dr. Todd's care. More importantly, my faith in the idea of chiropractic care is in full force. I truly believe I was brought here for a reason, and I can already see the positive results after just a few months. I thank Dr. Lebson for the kindness, patience and caring he and his staff have shown me over the last few months. I feel that I have come so far, yet I know my journey to bring myself to optimal health is just beginning.

Francine Maione
Rockville Centre, NY

Editors' Note: Two months after writing this letter, Francine became pregnant with her second child. Nine months later, she delivered a healthy baby girl named Gianna.


I am 37 years old, am married with 2 young children and suffer from severe psoriatic arthritis and migraines. Before I began chiropractic care I experienced great suffering from my arthritis and experienced many migraines a month despite taking daily medication for migraines. I had made the decision to undergo complete bilateral knee replacement surgery to relieve some of the suffering I was experiencing, and improve my decreasing ability to get through the day. My migraines were becoming more frequent (between 7-13 per month). I was truly uncomfortable with the fact that I had to take medication every day to prevent the migraines. The medication caused me to experience short term memory loss, shortened attention span and mild anxiety. In addition, there was another medication I had to take if a migraine did occur. For the arthritis, I took steroids, methotrexate, (a mild form of chemotherapy), IV infusion, two different medications to prevent further bone loss. I also took additional medication for low thyroid function, vitamins, etc. That is a lot of toxins to put in your body and still not feel well. My husband encouraged me to try chiropractic care in hopes of it working. Dr Todd told me I needed to be adjusted at least twice a week for a few months. This was large commitment on my part as I was an active parent in the develpment and activities of my children and had many doctor visits regularly. I agreed to give it a try. As time went by I was unsure I was seeing progress and Dr.Todd assured me it would take time to undo years of damage and to remain committed.

As time passed, I started to see a slight decrease in the amount of migraines I suffered every month and began to see relief with my arthritis. About five months into treatment I noticed a real difference in the status of my arthritis. I was walking much better, able to walk up/down stairs with alternating feet on a more consistent basis, increased energy and overall decreased migraines that I suffered. I even discontinued the daily migraine medication and did well! Before I started treatment with Dr.Todd, if I skipped even one day of the medication I would have migraines one after another for three days. I am so happy to have increased short term memory, be more attentive, no anxiety and overall feeling more "with it".

The amount of pain I experience from arthritis has decreased so that I decided to put off knee replacement surgery for awhile (it is inevitable with no cartilage and sever bone damage). I am able to get through the day, take care of my children and keep up with them and still feel good when my husband arrives home form work, (as opposed to going to bed when the kids did). I also no longer have live-in help in my home. I feel more in control of my life. I even have begun Pilates, (I was unable to excercise for the past five years). I can take care of myself and my family, I am able to do more things that I was no longer doing: going to the park with my children, walk around a fair or New York City or just plain fun adventures

Dr. Todd's chiropractic care has done so much for me and the quality of life with my family. I am extremely grateful for all he has done.

Vanessa Newman
Melville, NY